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Jan. 24th, 2014

I lost my phone from an iPhone thief in Makati

A few days ago, my phone was snatched from my jacket's right pocket while walking home along Makati Ave.

I usually put my cellphone in my bag or purse when I’m about to go home right after work. Oddly, last Tuesday, I decided not to put it in my purse because it will make my purse look bulky. I decided to just hold the phone because I know my hubby will walk with me on my way home. I held it with my right hand inside the right pocket of my jacket.

From Petron station, right after crossing Jupiter Street, I wanted to get my hanky from the left pocket of my jacket so I took it and covered my nose using my right hand. I left the phone inside the pocket. When we got in front of Jollibee, someone snatched my phone from my jacket and I immediately screamed cause I felt someone took it. We looked back and in front but no one was running nor acting strange. My hubby tried to run after people who were walking but we couldn’t identify the thief.


Right when we got home, I immediately tried to locate the phone using the FINDMYIPHONE app. Unfortunately, the thief either turned the unit off or placed it on airplane mode. The device was already offline. It's been days already and I'm already loosing hope. I doubt that the thief will turn it on. Or maybe the thief just doesn't have wifi or something. Still waiting......

Dec. 24th, 2013

The Year That's Been

Promises are made to be broken.
As cliche as it may sound, there's nothing you can do about it coz it's the truth.
How many times had someone broke their promises with you? How many times had someone done what he promised to you? If the number of broken promises were more than the number of promises done, you're one lucky bastard!

I revisited my blog just as the year is about to end and realized I stopped blogging (even if I promised I wouldn't) since I had a boyfriend.
Yes! I missed taking note of that part in my life. But even if I did, everything is still clear and vivid to me, that recounting it here in this blog post won't be that much of a difficulty.

2013 hasn't been that good to me. I faced a lot of difficulty, a lot of crying, a lot of drama, and a lot of everything life has to throw at me. In a way, I can definitely say that these challenges made me the stronger person that I feel I am now. I never imagined getting involved in scenarios that are so much worse than those that I've been through way back before.
I'm not saying that nothing good happened to me this year. In fact, I think I might just recount these good things instead of the bad things. As another saying goes... "Count your blessings instead of sheeps."

I'll start off where I last stopped... or maybe I'd rather start when my love story began.


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Aug. 11th, 2012

Fun Times

The devastation brought about by the continuos raining and flooding led to the unity and benevolence of Filipinos.
At times like this, you'll find donations and volunteer workers here and there.

Just this afternoon, I met with our former principal, sister Carmen Cua together with Mrs. Barretto to donate a few goods for the victims of torrential rains. It's exciting to be back once again in my alma mater.

The school has changed a lot. All rooms are airconditioned. My 4th year classroom is now an office & several changes were done. I hate the color though.

After dropping the goods in my alma mater, I got to hang longer with Maan. We talked about so much stuff about the future & the like. It dawned to me that I'm getting older and I don't have much time to do all the stuff that I want to do. Geez! Talk about growing.
I hate that I'm getting old.

Oh well! Anne & Denver followed after and since I cannot figure out how to get the kinect working, we had a few drinks.

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Aug. 9th, 2012

Monsoon del Rosario

Another day has passed. Thank God for keeping us safe.

The Philippines just got hit by an enhanced monsoon and people in low-lying areas are again suffering from floods.

Every now and then, calamity strikes and yet people still don't learn their lessons. After Ondoy, it seems that people still hasn't changed. People has to understand that typhoons are different from rain. We measure typhoon with wind and rain is just rain. We're still lucky that these rains were not nsync with strong winds. Else, it could've been worse.

Blame it on the government.
I find it funny when all people do is blame the government. And every time they do, Michael Jackson's song, Man In The Mirror cues in my head. People blame the president for not seeing him in action, in the floods, and doing what rescuers should be doing. As far as I know, it's the president's job to think and not do all the job. He appointed other people to do the rescuing because it's their expertise. I don't think people should expect the president to be going out under the rain and into the floods. If he does, who's on command now? Do we expect the captain of the ship to be doing what his crew should be doing?
Just like the photo I reposted in my FB, it's just simple logic.
*insert photo*
It all boils down to what we've done to make a change.

Another amusing thing is that politicians are taking advantage of this situation. Elections are again coming near and here's another chance for these politicians to get pogi points. I just don't understand why people still don't see that nothing happens. There you go! Photo Op moment to be added in their CVs.

DENR was right. We should learn to adapt. Heavy rains is now the new normal rain. We have got to accept the consequences of all our actions in the past. Yes it's cliche but this is actually climate change. It's either we adjust or we suffer. Nature will never adjust for humans. Nature adapts.

There have been a lot of downsides but there are still the good side to it.
People have started organizing and fixing benefit gigs. BAYANIHAN is again in full effect.


On the other hand, there goes US successful landing on Mars + photos. What if there were other life forms outside earth.. woooooo

Jan. 19th, 2012

LiveJournal: Why We Oppose SOPA and PIPA

Originally posted by theljstaff at LiveJournal: Why We Oppose SOPA and PIPA
Since 1999, LiveJournal has been a safe harbor of self-expression and creativity, with the most substantial privacy policies of any social site. We believe the Internet must remain a place that is free to use, free to explore, and free to express.

This is why LiveJournal ardently opposes the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), two bills currently in discussion in the United States Congress; with PIPA up for committee vote this coming January 24. We understand there is good intent behind these two bills – they are, after all, designed to protect copyrighted and trademarked property. But the language of these bills is so vague that any intellectual property owner that feels its copyright has been violated can have a site taken down, without the normal due process of law. Based on this, a LiveJournal user could post content, even an icon, that contains copyrighted material, and the copyright owner could conceivably have LiveJournal – the entire site – taken down without any way for LiveJournal to address or correct the issue.

LiveJournal is a group of communities created, owned and operated by all of you. We have worked hard to uphold the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. We believe the DMCA, while not perfect, continues to be an adequate measure to fight piracy and copyright infringement. SOPA and PIPA are overkill that would have the effect of undermining our collective guarantee of freedom of speech. These two bills are about censorship, and LiveJournal is joining the fight to ensure these bills never come to pass.

We hope those of you in the U.S. will join us in our opposition to SOPA and PIPA by letting your local representatives know where they should stand on this issue.

  • To contact your district’s member of the House of Representatives, go here.

  • To contact your state’s Senators, go here.

For more information on SOPA and PIPA, please visit these sites:

Jan. 17th, 2012


Cafe Lidia Marikina

SEVENTEEN = SEVEN!!! A big day for me... or so I thought!
Usually, in days like this, I write things about the heart & whatnot has anything to do with mush & cheese...
Instead, it's a celebration!!! I celebrate!

Spotted at Cafe Lidia Marikina :)
A quaint restaurant in the hearts of Marikina.

Another first time... nomnomnom
We ordered Grilled porkchop, grilled tuna, chicken kiev, buffalo wings, fish & chips, salisbury steak, chicken parmesan, banana split & blueberry cheesecake. Around 150 per meal budget is enough to enjoy the good tasting food in this restaurant.

Looks like we'll be frequenting this quaint resto. Everything we ordered were really good & scrumptuous! It's just a bit hard to get a parking space but this place is a must-go-to restaurant. I believe their best seller here are their pizzas & pastas.

Til we meet again cafe Lidia! I know it'll just be in a few days. hehe.

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Jan. 14th, 2012


Wensha Spa Antipolo Experience

God made another worth-appreciating day to make me say "This is what I call living the life!!!" :)

I've always heard of Wensha spa as the place to be. Conversations about getting a massage would always include Wensha & other spas. My friends often talk about it and every time Wensha Spa comes into the conversation, their eyes would always glisten. They've been to Wensha Timog, Pasay & Sumulong already but I just can't understand why I'm always out of the picture. Oh yeah! It's because my friends who are in couples treat themselves there and I don't have a partner who loves going to spa so I just opt for the home-service massage. Don't get me wrong though. Wensha Spa separates females from males.

We've planned of going to Wensha as a barkada before but it never happened. ALAS! Just last week, I saw a photo on FB of 2 couple-friends who went to Wensha & why was I not there again?!

FINALLY! Wensha Spa Sumulong!!! I got to go with them on Sat. Hanna, JR, Dadoi, Ching, Glai, Glen & of course me. Wee! FUN! & Oh yeah! It's my first time!

We got the whole body massage package for 680 only. This package includes
  • 6 hours use of amenities
  • Eat-all-you-can buffet + shabu-shabu
  • 1 hour whole body massage.

    At the lobby, as soon as package is paid, you'll be given your magnetic locker-key bracelet, & pair of slippers. After changing into flip-flops, we went straight to the buffet. They have an array of food but of all those, I only enjoyed the Shabu-shabu. They have Rice, Lumpia, Pancit, Dimsums, Chicken Curry, Breaded Pork, Mamon, Siopao & Shabu-shabu ingredients & Ice cream. You also get unlimited orange juice or iced tea or water. Take note! No leftovers allowed! So if you go there, take only what you can eat or else, pay for the leftovers.

    After the hearty-meal, we headed to the locker rooms. Boys go to the male area & girls go to the female area. Inside the locker room, friendly attendants will give you fresh towel, robe & shorts. Check the bracelet number to know where your locker is & use the magnet to unlock the locker. When changing, take everything off & just use the towel before going into the Jacuzzi room. Inside the jacuzzi, everyone's naked. You have an option to avail of the 20PhP disposable undies. Here's what we did.

    Took a shower. (The shower is complete with body wash and shampoo with light conditioner)
    Went to dry Sauna. *request ice & face towel from the attendants
    Went to the cold jacuzzi *brrr
    Went to the hot jacuzzi *this one's really relaxing
    Went to steam bath *I really had a hard time breathing inside the steam sauna so after a few minutes, I already went out.
    Went back to dry Sauna.
    Then took a shower.

    They say that this helps in blood circulation. If you have a heart disease or hypertension, there's a note on before going into the Sauna to not to stay for more than 15 minutes in the sauna & jacuzzi. It may cause nausea & dizziness. I personally felt headache & palpitation. I dunno why but I'm suspecting I've highb-lood. or maybe we did it the wrong way. I think we should've gone to the hot jacuzzi first then cold. LOL
    Note: Don't forget to ask for ice when going into the Sauna.
    Note: Always re-hydrate & drink water. Water is readily available.

    I love the fact that the amenities there are complete. Everything you need is there. There's toothbrush if you want to brush your teeth. They've lotion, tissue, hair-gel, powder, etc. :)

    Next stop. 1-hour full body massage. I really love it! I like the stretching portion a lot. In the massage, you'll be given an option to choose which oil you prefer. The plain mineral oil or the mentholated ginger oil. I had the ginger oil. <3
    After the massage, your therapist will ask you to sign a slip & you can write whatever amount you like as tip. You can also stay there & sleep some more if you like.

    After all the relaxing, we went back to the buffet & had more shabushabu.

    Days like this is heaven! Oh yes! This is the day that the Lord had made! I'm definitely gonna do this again. :)
  • Jan. 3rd, 2012

    Tetris Battle

    Happy 2012!!!

    It just dawned to me that I have been updating my blog at least once a year only. :(
    Time has passed. A lot has happened. Looking back at everything I've posted before, I regret not blogging for several years. I don't care who gets to read it. I don't care if no one reads it. I just feel so glad I wrote all the fun stuff I did way back...
    Reading my past blogs reminded me how fun I was. So as a vow this 2012, aside from vowing to travel more & more, be vain & in love, I'm befriending my lj again.

    To start of this entry....

    Have you heard of the latest craze on facebook? It's....

    I may be just exaggerating but this game is so addictive, you wish you never started playing it. If mafia wars, farm ville, city ville, zynga poker made me so glued on my laptop way back in college, this familiar feeling is all coming back to me now... ♫♫♫there were moments of gold & there were flashes of light♫♫♫

    I started playing Tetris a few days ago; maybe a week now and right after work, even if I've been really exhausted from everything I had to do during the day, I can't stop my self from playing Tetris. In just 2 days, I reached the Whiz status in this game and ever since, I always had that urge to battle someone.
    The competitive person in me always wants to challenge someone or beat someone.

    How did I know that I'm already addicted?
    In moments when I lose because of slow connection, I come to a point of screaming or hitting something or slapping the keypads. In moments of victory, I dance on my seat, I sing with joy and laugh as if nobody's around. I began unleashing the crazy in me.

    But just this afternoon, as I stare at the mirror and see those dark bags under my eyes, it alarmed me. Uh-oh I must now stop. As I look closer, OMG zits are starting to sprout. Mayday, mayday! We have a situation. I have been sleeping really late even on weekdays (which are workdays).
    These are not good signs. I become really sleepy during work but I can't help myself to not play the game until around 2am.

    Oh dear! Must have discipline! Must have self-control. Must take care of myself. Especially now that I should care more about catching the arrow Cupid has been shooting, I must prioritize my health, appearance & overall vitality.

    For now, I'll stop playing... or not! I will play in moderation.
    Everything in excess is poison so I must remind myself of self-discipline. :)
    Besides, I'm not getting any younger. Must stay focused on better things in life.

    If you're a Tetris Battle player, wouldn't you agree?

    :) Fun times...

    Jul. 3rd, 2011

    (no subject)

    Life is touch & go. It's sink and swim. -

    These are just a few lines from a song by Rupert Holmes. Lines that speak so much truth about life. This is the world that we're in. This is the so-called real world.
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    May. 28th, 2011


    Grabagold: The best promo ever!

    Online promos have never been this good!
    It's for real!!!

    Why did I say so? Because I've just won Xbox 360 KINECT worth 7,000 pesos (aside from thousands of globe load)

    Globe telecommunications recently launched their latest promo, GRABAGOLD. The promo is open for all Globe & Touch Mobile subscribers. Mechanics are really VERY simple.

    1. Prepare your Globe or Touch Mobile number.
    2. Go to Grabagold site using your PC. www.grabagold.com
    3. Sign up for free & wait for an SMS containing your verification code.
    4. Input the verification & finish the registration.
    5. Use your 3 free spins & win any of the unlocked items.

    If you want to win more, you must unlock your gold to spin. Unlocking of gold requires you to purchase a game pack.

    How to unlock your gold:
    1. Choose a game pack and click buy.
    Game packs contain around 10 PC games good for 5 days. Purchasing a pack costs 15pesos only.
    2. Earn golds to get spins. 1 spin costs 100gold coins. There are 2 ways to earn golds.
    a.) refer Grabagold to your friends via facebook. Every successful purchase from referrals earn you P10 load + 100 gold coins.
    b.) play any of the games purchased & earn gold every after each level. Gold points differ per game played.
    3. Unlock the prizes. Prizes require corresponding amount of golds to be unlocked. You might want to choose a certain item you want to unlock for you to be able to set your target gold coins.
    4. Spin to win. If you're feeling lucky, you might just win your unlocked item.

    Tip: Don't hesitate to purchase a gamepack. Just keep playing


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